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Hollywood Tree Service, Tree Removal, and Stump Removal

Trees are used to improve and beautify our surroundings by creating natural wildlife habitats in our streets, parks, playgrounds, and properties. They also do an amazing job at regulating temperatures and filtering harmful particles the air we breathe. 

This is especially the case in South Florida, where temperature and humidity can be rather extreme. Trees provide shade from the powerful sun, helping regulate and diminish temperatures beneath them. These temperatures can have an excellent effect on a property’s power bills especially if planted on the South or West side of the property by lowering the amount of heat that gets trapped inside.

Trees have been a part of our lives from the beginning of time. They were here before us and will probably be here once we’re gone. Trees generally don’t require too much maintenance except when they threaten property or people. At this point, they will require the occasional maintenance to cut any overweight or loose limbs or branches that can be considered dangerous. 

Sometimes, these trees pose a danger so grave that the only remedy is to completely remove them from the premises. This is never an easy decision for anybody to have to make but is occasionally necessary in order to avoid causing harm to people or property. In some cases, these trees can be transplanted in order to keep them alive.

The most important thing to consider is the importance of hiring a highly rated, professional and skilled crew to handle your landscaping and tree service needs. Our goal is to always deliver a great service at an affordable price, no matter how big the job. This is the reason first time customers become repeat customers and friends. How can Magnum Tree Service of Hollywood Florida help you?



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The Dangers of DIY Tree Work

Cutting trees is an incredibly dangerous process. There are occasions when even professionals have been very seriously injured, which is why we always suggest you not take this on yourself. The following is a short list of reasons to avoid doing this yourself:

  • Climbing 10-30 feet on a ladder or rope
  • Using a powerful chainsaw on unstable ground
  • Safely lowering the branch without damaging surrounding structures or people
  • Safely climbing back down

Why work with Magnum Tree Service?

We are incredibly proud to provide very affordable tree services in South Florida. In addition to our great prices, our crews are hard-working and honest. Our attention to detail is second to none because we want to make sure you’re satisfied!

Free Estimate

We always provide a free consultation in order to properly assess the amount of work needed and provide an accurate estimate of the costs. This also gives us an opportunity to get to know our clients better.

Licensed and Insured

We understand the importance of being licensed, insured, and bonded especially since this work is so risky. We’ll ensure there is zero liability to the customer should anything happen.

Skilled and Professional

Our crews have years of experience and it shows every time we finish a project. Jobs start on time and are completed quickly and professionally. We’re always 100% focused on great results.

Our Tree Services

The last thing anybody wants to do is cut down or remove a tree. Sometimes, however, we’re left with little to no choice. One reason to cut down a tree is when they become sick with a disease. Other times, branches grow too heavy or wide and run the risk of breaking and causing damage to a person or property. In other occasions, roots can cause damage to lines underneath the property or the structure itself.

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Sometimes branches grow too heavy, or wide and start to create a dangerous situation for properties, structures and people. In this case we always suggest trimming the tree. This type of maintenance actually helps the plant grow stronger while preventing serious injury to the tree from the occasional wind storm, rain storm or even hurricane. The safest and most beautiful option is always maintenance.

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South Florida is no stranger to powerful storms and hurricanes. For years, these natural phenomena have brought down branches, limbs and even uprooted entire trees. We understand the danger these trees pose to your property and the people you love, which is why we offer emergency tree service, day or night. We’ll help you keep your family and property safe no matter what the situation may be.

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This process can be extremely time-consuming and physically demanding. It requires heavy machinery, which most people don’t have lying around. In addition, there’s no substitute for the experience of our crews. After years of grinding down unwanted yard obstructions like stumps, we’ve perfected the process to where we can leave your yard looking absolutely beautiful in a very short period of time.

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Shrubs are amazing ​plants and much like trees, nobody ever wants to have to remove their shrubs. Sometimes, these plants start competing with nearby trees for resources or start affecting the property by damaging pipes. Shrubs are strong plants with powerful roots. Removing them requires skill and in many cases, specialized equipment. Our professional crew will remove your shrubs and leave your lawn beautiful.

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Root pruning is the process of moving a tree by slicing the root at the drip line. This allows the tree to regenerate healthily in its new location by making sure it develops new feeder roots. Without this, a tree would not be able to grow strong and healthy after being transported and replanted. We advise anybody who needs to move a tree to have a professional crew like ours handle the project from start to finish.

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Palm trees are incredibly common in South Florida. This means they do an awful lot of growing, especially during the rainy season. They add beauty to any property with their majestic appearance. They are, however, a threat to people and property if not maintained properly, especially during our storm season. The best way to eliminate this risk is to have a crew of skilled professionals trim your palms correctly.

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Aside from the beauty and appeal planting a tree can bring your property, there’s also the huge benefits you’re adding to the planet. As we know, trees function as the filters and lungs of the world. Be sure when you add a beautiful plant like a tree that you have a group of professionals that will not only plant your tree, but do it properly so the tree grows strong and is able to contend with the unforgiving S. Florida weather.

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Your dream front and back yards can look more beautiful than you ever imagined with the help of our super talented experts. Our landscape design is second to none. It’s a product of years of hard work with local plants of South Florida. We can easily create the right vibe for your property with amazing design ideas that have helped so many other South Floridians from Ft. Lauderdale to Pembroke Pines.

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What Our Client’s Are Saying

Tree Service and Lawn Care
​for Every Type of Property

Residential Property

Our homes play such an important role in our lives and the lives of our families. So many memories and experiences take place in our homes, which is why it’s so important that the outdoor spaces where our family and friends play and get together are safe, beautiful and well maintained for any occasion.

Commercial Property

Our businesses are so much more than what we do. They’re the backbone of many of our families’ financial systems. This is why it’s so important that our customers always have a positive experience when they visit our properties and it starts with a beautiful landscape that’s professionally maintained.

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Best Tree Service in Broward

It’s no secret; our clients love our work. We’ve been serving that amazing people of Broward County for years! Our tree service company started in Hollywood, but through our hard work and our customers’ word of mouth, we’ve quickly spread to tree services from Fort Lauderdale, to Pompano Beach, all the way west to Pembroke Pines. This growth has helped us tremendously as we continue to grow our customer base and help people with their South Florida trees and lawns.

Our process is incredibly simple and everybody loves it!

  1. FREE ESTIMATE: The first thing we do is visit your property and assess exactly what type of service(s) you need. This process is absolutely free. Once we decide what you we’ll be doing, you’ll receive your quote on the spot.
  2. SET A DATE AND TIME: The next step is to get moving. Our crews and turnaround times are very quick. We’ll set a date and time that works around your schedule to knock your project out.
  3. DELIVER ON OUR PROMISE: On our scheduled date, we’ll arrive early and get started right away. We always keep your time as well as ours in mind when we work so rest assured we’ll be in and out as quickly as possible.
  4. DISCARD THE DEBRIS: The last step is picking up and discarding all the debris remaining after the job. Unless you say so, we can handle the removal of any debris and leave your property looking absolutely beautiful.

We are a full-service lawn and tree service company. We do excellent work maintaining trees and shrubs by doing tree trimming or shrub trimming and shaping so they look beautiful. Since we live in South Florida, it’s only natural that we specifically specialize in palm tree trimming. These majestic trees can pose a huge threat during hurricane season. One call and we will happily trim your palms and ensure they don’t become projectiles that can put your family in danger during any storm.

We also handle more complicated jobs like tree cutting (tree removal), and stump grinding (stump removal). When a tree needs to be removed, the remnants are always a stump. Aside from the complexity involved with climbing the tree, cutting and lowering it’s limbs piece by piece the remaining stump requires heavy machinery in order to eliminate it from your property.

Among our many areas of expertise are root pruning, tree transplant and tree planting. Whether it’s a brand new tree or a young transplant, we will ensure whatever is put back into the ground will grow strong and safely for years to come.

Finally is our fastest growing service, landscape design. Our customers have so many great ideas for ways they can improve their yards. With our knowledge, we’re able to lock down those ideas, and together, bring to life the amazing outdoor space you imaged you always needed.

We do these things because we care. We care because we’ve been doing this long enough to know that we’re simply serving the people and community we, ourselves, live in. We’re honest and skilled individuals who strive everyday to do the best work we can do.

Are you looking for a tree service company near me? Or maybe you’re looking for the best tree service in Hollywood, Florida? Maybe you need the best tree service in Fort Lauderdale? Whatever the case may be, we know you’ll absolutely love working with Magnum Tree Service!

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We are a team of experienced tree professionals who have worked in South Florida for over 10 years. We created Magnum in order to offer local residents excellent tree services at an affordable price. Our crews are trained and managed by specialists who know what they’re doing.
Our experience and professionalism ensures we get jobs done quickly and safely.

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