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Hollywood Florida Emergency Tree Service

Many homeowners and business owners in South Florida simply don’t understand the importance of having a professional tree service company do routine maintenance on their trees and plants. Oftentimes, they realize their need when it’s too late.

Big storms hit Broward County on a regular basis during the summer and fall seasons. Those seasons also overlap with our hurricane season. Hurricanes generally give us some time to get ready. It’s during these few days before the big storm that people start to rush to trim and maintain their trees and plants.

As any Floridian will tell you, the powerful winds in these storms can easily snap off a branch and turn it into a dangerous projectile that can injure people or cause substantial property damage. This is possibly the scariest part of a poorly maintained outdoor space.

For those who don’t plan ahead, we offer emergency tree service all across Broward County. We understand how important it is to protect your home and your family. We also don’t want you to think we were shaming you.

On the contrary, we simply wanted to show you how a little foresight can help you avoid a scare before the storm when every tree guy in Dade and Broward Counties are booked and your palm tree’s looking like a wooly mammoth.

As long as our crews have availability, we will be there for you. As members of the community, we know have a big role to play to make sure our neighbors and their outdoor plants are safe from natural disasters. Keeping you safe is our goal and since expanding to emergency tree service in all of Broward County, we take even more pride in helping a much larger community.



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Hurricane Tree Service

You know exactly what I mean when I say hurricane tree service in Hollywood Florida. It means you’ve waited until the last minute to secure your trees and are calling us just a few short days if not hours to get somebody crazy enough to cut your trees in the 30 minutes left before the storm hits. I know you… I was once you.

This is what sets us apart from other tree companies. We know what it’s like to be completely busy and up to our ears in responsibilities. We are here to help. We can expedite any service day or night. We will also guarantee it’s done right, securing your plants to the best of our expertise.

Please also note that there is technically nothing called “hurricane tree service”. Be especially wary of people who offer a special type of cut for your tree because they could be engaging in over-lifting or hatracking. Both of these instances hurt your tree and put your family at risk.

Hatracking is the process by which a tree company removes a substantial part of the canopy (the top part of the tree). Although this is may sound like a good idea, it will ultimately result in the tree having to regenerate its canopy. The major drawback is that weaker branches would be forced to grow over the top of the canopy.

Over-lifting is when a tree company does the opposite and removes a large portion of the larger, bottom part of the tree. This results in a very top-heavy plant that’s highly susceptible to toppling over.

Our hurricane tree service extends well passed Hollywood Florida and covers all of Broward County. We offer the proper way to trim and maintain trees on your property before any storm. We do this at affordable prices too.

Remember: Call before hurricane season and schedule your maintenance so you could forget about worrying during the storm season.

Now Doing Emergency Tree Service in all of Broward County

As property owners ourselves, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe and beautiful property. We are already an integral part of other people’s and company’s property exteriors and are happy to welcome you to the Magnum family.

We’re honest, professional, and knowledgeable individuals doing amazing work on all our clients’ trees, plants, and lawns. Our prices are affordable and our work is quick and precise.

See the difference in tree removal and tree cutting with Magnum Tree Service.​

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