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Hollywood Florida Landscape Design

Here’s where creativity and nature become one. This is also our favorite part of the job because it’s so much more than just cutting a tree or trimming a shrub. We love the regular work we have to do because it lets us be outdoors with beautiful trees. But our favorite part is, hands down, being able to create using plants, flowers, and trees.

Through the years, our love for design along with our passion for trees created a situation where we could really start offering landscape design to our South Florida customers. We recently expanded to all of Broward County with our landscape design because we want to help more people create the space they deserve.

The process is so simple. We take a good look at your space and discuss how you would ideally like to use it. We’ll bring some samples of that you could browse to get an idea of the endless possibilities we could have. We then take detailed pictures so we could develop the ideas we talked about better.

The last step in planning is the part everybody loves. Here’s where we discuss exactly what goes where and really dig into what it’s all going to look like when we’ve finished. We make our final decisions and schedule a date to do the work.

Our crews will come in on time. We will handle the sourcing and transporting of all your precious plants and any other design articles. Every project is different, so I wouldn’t be able to give you an estimate of the time it would take our team to complete your project but we can assure you that we value your time and ours more than you can believe.

Most of our smaller projects that do not require fabrication large installations will generally take us between 4-7 hours. That includes any kind of removal and replanting.

Our designs are clean and comfortable, so you could admire your beautiful yard while feeling at home. Let’s discuss your landscape design. Let’s make your space more beautiful.



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Experts in Landscape Design in South Florida

We’ll be the first to admit, we’re talented when it comes to landscape design in South Florida. Being locals, we know the plants the thrive here and we love working with them. But one thing that far exceeds any talent we may consider we have, especially since “level of talent” is completely subjective, is years of experience.

We’ve done this so many times that it would’ve been impossible for us not to get good at it. Years of ideas, colors, and vibes that just come together perfectly in peoples’ property.

Every single plant of our design is selected with a purpose in mind to accomplish the look and feel everybody expects from your space. This is what we aim at every time we pick up a project.

Let’s make your space what you’ve always dreamed it could be.

Now Doing Landscape Design in all of Broward County

As property owners ourselves, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe and beautiful property. We are already an integral part of other people’s and company’s property exteriors and are happy to welcome you to the Magnum family.

We’re honest, professional, and knowledgeable individuals doing amazing work on all our clients’ trees, plants, and lawns. Our prices are affordable and our work is quick and precise.

See the difference in tree removal and tree cutting with Magnum Tree Service.

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