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Hollywood FL Palm Tree Pruning, Trimming, Maintenance

Summer is coming and you know that that means- it’s storm season in South Florida and your palm trees need to be pruned. It’s important to ensure there are no loose or dying fronds that could be dislodged by strong wind or rain and turned into a projectile.

We have experience palm tree pruning in South Florida because we’ve been doing this here for years now. We understand how palms here grow and what they need to be healthy. One amateur mistake our competitors make is over trimming the tree. That’s a huge error because it negatively affects the tree’s ability to be healthy again.

Palms have evolved to take on the most powerful storms this earth has to offer, but their fronds have a tendency to become loose under a lot of pressure from wind and rain. They are light enough to be carried by strong winds and heavy enough to cause substantial damage to people and property.

South Florida is absolutely covered in palm trees so we have tons of experience maintaining these plants for property owners. So many of our jobs include palm tree pruning that we even offer it as a bonus on some of our big jobs.

Having so many instances where our crews have had to remove fronds from a palm means we are confident in our ability to do this job right. You want a healthy tree that will continue to grow strong and is beautiful in the process.

These majestic plants have the ability to leave a profound impression, especially on clients and visitors who come to your property to visit. In addition, they provide an incredible amount of shade during sunny South Florida afternoons.

That remains their purpose even after they’re maintained. Our job is not to leave this noticeable difference in the appearance of your palms. On the contrary: we aim to keep them looking full and beautiful.

When palms are trimmed too aggressively, it creates a situation where it becomes difficult for them to grow those fronds back as quickly and as healthy as before. In essence, improperly trimming a palm can lead to severe injuries to the palm.



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Experts in Palm Tree Pruning and Trimming in South Florida

You want your palm trees to be safe and beautiful. We want to make you happy. The most important aspect of what we do is secure your tress by removing loose or dangerous fronds and coconuts, if the tree has.

Removing these potentially dangerous parts of the tree only means the trim will barely be noticeable and the tree will grow back what was removed in a healthy way.

Having us, local professionals with experience handling palm tree trimming, maintain your landscape is your best option because we know what we’re doing. We’re also affordable and provide excellent customer service because we understand the importance of doing business the right way.

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As property owners ourselves, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe and beautiful property. We are already an integral part of other people’s and company’s property exteriors and are happy to welcome you to the Magnum family.

We’re honest, professional, and knowledgeable individuals doing amazing work on all our clients’ trees, plants, and lawns. Our prices are affordable and our work is quick and precise.

See the difference in tree removal and tree cutting with Magnum Tree Service.​

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