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Hollywood Florida Tree Planting

The first thing we like to do is talk to you and get an idea of what type of landscaping you like. Some of our clients already come to us with well-designed plans of what they want their outdoor space to look like. It’s our job to help the other bunch that are completely unsure what they like, find something great.

This causes a lot of anxiety in some people. Landscaping is something you get and leave for a really, really long time. It’s almost like a tattoo, but not quite. This is why we understand how important selecting the right combination of plants and trees is. Our experts will help you make the choice the best suits you and your property.

Planting these trees in South Florida is a job that also requires knowledge and experience. Once the plants and trees arrive, we focus on creating the plan we drew up together. We will carefully plant, making sure everything is properly spaced from each other to reduce any competition for resources that could result in a sick plant.

These are the things we focus on. Not only will you be able to appreciate and love the way your outdoor space feels, but you can also rest assured that we’ve done our finest work to ensure the health and potential of your new fauna family.

Every customer we work with loves to hear our ideas for simple ways in which they could beautify their surroundings. We love to provide free to low-cost suggestions because this creates little steps a customer can take. With just a little guidance we can start to create the space you never knew you wanted.

All it takes is a few plants and a few trees. We’ll make great selections and leave your space absolutely beautiful.



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Experts in Tree Planting in South Florida

Every project we take on is important because it means way more than just the aesthetic of your lawn. To us, it’s also important that your plants grow strong and remain healthy for as long as they’re with you.

When we plant trees we make sure we do this with precision. We plant everything the exact distance it needs to be from its neighbor, a structure, or your property. This will help minimize the chances the plant will have to be removed or transplanted later on in life.

We love to come back months later for maintenance and see the tree we planted growing and becoming stronger. For us, it’s a privilege to do something that can be so fulfilling to a property owner as well as positive for the environment and the world.

We believe in nurturing our plants and we encourage all our customers to do the same. Let us help you create the perfect outdoor space with plants.

Now Doing Tree Planting in all of Broward County

As property owners ourselves, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe and beautiful property. We are already an integral part of other people’s and company’s property exteriors and are happy to welcome you to the Magnum family.

We’re honest, professional, and knowledgeable individuals doing amazing work on all our clients’ trees, plants, and lawns. Our prices are affordable and our work is quick and precise.

See the difference in tree removal and tree cutting with Magnum Tree Service.

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