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Hollywood Florida Tree Removal and Tree Cutting

Tree removal and tree cutting can be a rather complex job to take on yourself, especially if you have little to no experience. For starters, trees can’t always be cut from the base because most will fall on a structure and cause damage. Most trees are brought down piece by piece. These pieces also have to be carefully hoisted down in order to avoid causing damage to surrounding structures.

Cutting any tree requires powerful equipment, especially since trees in the South Florida climate tend to grow very strong. We use powerful chainsaws and usually go through multiple chains because these trees will easily dull them out. Chainsaws can be incredibly dangerous equipment if not handled properly; we’ve seen the damage they can do to people, especially those who aren’t comfortable handling them.

We have years of experience and knowledge to ensure we can remove any tree regardless of the circumstances. Our crew will climb up and cut the tree limb by limb. Each limb will be hoisted down carefully in order to avoid causing any damage to the surroundings. Limb by limb, we’ll work on your tree until it’s been brought down completely. The final step is called stump grinding or stump removal. This is the process where we grind and remove the remaining stump leaving the surface of your yard flat.

Neither you, your family, your maintenance staff, nor employees should take on a job like tree cutting. These individuals may be skilled and savagely daring, but the risk involved is too great to justify doing it inhouse.

In our profession, damage takes on a whole new meaning. Personal physical or structural damage could have profound effects on you, your family, or a structure. These damages can even affect your business if the work was done on commercial property. Worst of all, they can affect your health or the health of somebody you care about.



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Why do we have to cut down and remove a tree?

We’re glad you asked because that’s a magnificent question. Believe it or not, there are valid reasons for somebody to have to remove a tree from their property. Sometimes the environment is guilty of destabilizing and even killing a tree. Other times, the tree is creating a risky situation for a structure or people. Let’s examine the different reasons to have to remove or cut a tree in Hollywood Florida.

Storm Damage

South Florida is a serious hotbed for powerful storms and hurricanes. Although our plants have evolved to sustain their abuse, sometimes the winds and rain prove to be too much and leave a dying tree to rot. Dying trees become a danger to their surroundings since they naturally become unstable and start to break and decay. In these instances, there’s no other option than to cut and remove the tree.

Sickness or Infestation

Trees are living organisms and are not impervious to sickness and disease. When a tree is sick beyond the point of treatment, it needs to be removed in order to save the plants that surround it and are still healthy. Another natural situation detrimental to the survival of a tree is an infestation of mites. These creatures will destroy a tree from the inside, leaving no option than to remove the tree.

Personal or Structural Risk

When a tree grows too large and is close to a structure, it may become a risk to the structure of the people the frequent that space. Sometimes a canopy tree’s branches will stretch too close to property and threaten to damage the roof, walls, or windows. In other cases, the damage can be underground, to pipes, and/or the structure itself. In either case, the remedy is often to remove the tree.

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We’re honest, professional, and knowledgeable individuals doing amazing work on all our clients’ trees, plants, and lawns. Our prices are affordable and our work is quick and precise.

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